Chronixx- Dread and Terrible review

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

The new reggae generation is in full swing, several new reggae embassadors are making reggae relevant again. One of the most prolific is chronixx and his zinc fence redemption band. I have bought and listened to his new “dread and terrible” EP and I’m pleased to report that it doesn’t disappoint. One gripe i have; it’s too short. Give it a listen.
If you are new to reggae this is a good first introduction and if you are a long time reggae fan then it’s going to bring back memories of Black Uhuru and Peter Tosh particularly the dub versions at the end. With this production chronixx and his band are able to speak to regulars and new comers alike with beats that captivate and lyrics that resonate long after the song ends. It’s clear they have a great appreciation for the foundation of the music and the need for its renewal. With everything else that is happening in jamaica as it relates to our music I hope this album and the hard work that went into it doesn’t get glossed over. By the way my favorite track off the album has to be whistle with capture land a close second.
Track listing:
1.Alpha and omega
2.Here comes trouble
3.Capture land
4.Rastaman wheel out
5.Eternal fire
7.Like a whistle
8.Alpha and omega- Dub style
9.Here comes trouble- Dub style
10.Capture land- Dub style



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