a bus ride home

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

It was while on a bus ride hme that I reflected on the most wanted list for St Catherine when I realized I had just figured out a plan to effectively kill jamaica’s crime monster. While reflecting on the list I realized that the men whose name appear on the list must be part of one large group or several small groups. It became apparent that non of these men operated alone and even with them gone the gang/s would still exist.
So how do we fix this? Dismantling the gangs seem the most logical solution. How do we effectively without another tivoli dismantle a gang in a short time? Simple! Charge them all one time, charge them as a unit. This is where the government comes in. The much talked about anti-gang legislation that is presently being touted by attorneys must be passed in order for our crime problems to be addressed.
The anti-gang legislation would form the Backbone of the country’s crime fighting initiative. Another key legislation that needs to be in place for the anti-gang law to be effective is one that allows for plea bargain. Afterall we need concrete evidence that what we are dealing with in any case is indeed a gang and who better to confirm this than a member of the gang on trial. Offering a member of the gang a smaller sentence may induce a one member to admit to a crime and point fingers at those involved. This would allow the courts to then convict the gang as a whole effectively ridding the country of one gang per trial not just one lower level pawn. But how would we get them to cooperate when many criminals lead a far better existence behind bars than outside? Simple! Remove the option of prison from the equation and present it with something more frightful.
For too long we have danced around the issue of the death sentance in Jamaica and not explored the benefits of having it as part of our deterrent for crime. Imagine for a moment a 17 year old charged with gun possesion and that gun was used to kill someone a year ago before he joined the gang. We can threaten him with the murder charge while dangling a plea offer if he should choose to name names and point fingers. With the prospect of being hanged waiting in the distance it would not take much persuasion to convinced him to cooperate with law enforcement. Its a three part solution once all three are implemented and get the cooperation of the justice system and the security forces

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