revision of law

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Heard the prime minister elect will/may reexamine the buggery law I must say though I support her in a lot of things, this right here isn’t one of them. But in mature and vibrant jurisprudence requires revision of laws at intervals so as to allow laws to reflect present realities. With that said I hope one of the laws reexamined is the law that criminalizes marijuana. After all as much as I don’t use it I’m sure a large number if not the majority of Jamaicans would approve of this move.
There are far more Jamaicans who use marijuana than there are gay men in Jamaica thus looking at a law that affects a few Jamaicans and ignoring one that affects the majority is nonsensical to say the least. The benefits of decriminalizing marijuana are varied and far outnumber any theoretical benefits that can be derived from the revision of the buggery law. The economic and social benefits of legalizing ganja are numerous as many research suggest but that’s not the reason for this post. What I want is the legislature to move with the time and the people. A revision of the buggery law at this time is not necessay but laws having to do with fraud prevention, tax evasion and attracting investment are the laws to be revised. The one concerning marijuana should have long been revised but our government has long been one of rhetoric and nothing else.

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