Jobs in jamaica

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

The employment situation in Jamaica is such that highly qualified college and university graduates are stuck in dead-end underpaid jobs. It is an employers paradise in Jamaica and the rest of the world as the graduates are forced into these “day” jobs with the hope that the much-needed experience will pay off in the end, while the employers are able to boast an employee profile of college graduates and are therefore able to demand high prices for the services the company renders. It is disheartening to hear our elected representatives and other business leaders give the same advice over and over ” students need to stop thinking about being employed and begin to create employment opportunities. But permit me if you may in lew of a passive response but where the HELL should university graduates with no working experience, no assets or collateral for loans! where exactly are they expected to get the much-needed capital for start-up? From the banks? From government lending agencies? I don’t think so! Why not you may ask? Well for one the banks need collateral for loans, the government agencies scare people away with the lengthy process, and finally many of these college graduates do not even know the avenues available to them. But why is this so? Well from personal experience many of the government programs come on stream close to general or local elections and you become aware of them at said meetings. Another problem is that the powers that be decided that discussions on investment opportunities must only be discussed with persons already involved in business; hence you will hear about these opportunities at the Barita investment annual meeting, the rotary club dinners, the business leader dinners and conferences and the like. But why for the love of God and good sense wont they present this information to secondary and tertiary students at graduations and on-campus forums.

   I believe this is the major issue affecting investment and economic growth in Jamaica, it is not the absence of jobs that must be addressed first but rather the absence of the opportunities to create jobs. The result is thus the  exploitation of our youths in jobs that do not help these students and graduates to realize their full potential robbing Jamaica of the possibilities that could have been if at-least 50% of the students could explore the business ideas they have. Is it a blame game that I wish to play? Not really! But one do believe that in everything there is cause and effect. So if the question is who should be blamed? I really don’t know. But I believe our elected leaders, business leaders, educators, and the students themselves need to take responsibility for the situation and shape a society and economy that will not produce educated slaves but one that gives equal opportunities at the pursuit of happiness.

For anyone interested in a legitimate employment opportunity follow link at bottom.



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